Чемпионат Мира по Крикету для Чайников

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Чемпионат Мира по Крикету 2015 Новая Зеландия  Чемпионат Мира по Крикету 2015  Австралия
Чемпионат Мира по Крикету для Чайников
Сегодня 29/03/15 , в 16:30 начнётся финальный матч Чемпионата Мира по Крикету, эпохально важное спортивноe сражение между командами Новой Зеландии и Австралии…

Две страны, затаив дыхание, прилипнут к экранам телевизоров. Жизнь остановится, трафик замрёт и только холодильники будут натруженно урчать, прилежно охлаждая заранее заготовленое пиво.
Гид по Новой Зеландии, Тур в Новую Зеландию www.nz-nz.com
Чемпионат Мира по Крикету 2015 Новая Зеландия New Zealand, Cricket World Cup Чемпионат Мира по Крикету
Гид по Новой Зеландии, Тур в Новую Зеландию www.nz-nz.com
Но что же делать тем, кто ничегошеньки не понимает в крикете? Что делать людям как я, людям, которые понятие не имеют о правилах, именах игроков и в жизни не смотрели даже 5 минут этой сверхпопулярной игры?
Как приобщиться к национальному супер-событию, не выдав свою полную неосведомлённость?
Чемпионат Мира по Крикету Австралия — Новая Зеландия 2015
Окей, вот несколько советов для таких же полных чайников как я:
Гид по Новой Зеландии, Тур в Новую Зеландию www.nz-nz.comЧемпионат Мира по Крикету Новая Зеландия
Гид по Новой Зеландии, Тур в Новую Зеландию www.nz-nz.com
Как притвориться настоящим крикет-фанатом
Советы от новозеландского новостного веб-сайта www.stuff.co.nz
Русский Гид в Новой Зеландии, Тур по Новой Зеландии
Что нужно знать о финале:
Путешествия По Новой Зеландии
New Zealand vs Australia, starting at 4.30pm and likely to go for eight torturous hours.It will be played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, which is really big and can hold 90,000 people. Don’t mention how big it is, as former Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden did on Thursday, as you are likely to be laughed and/or shouted at by your friends.

The Cricket World Cup has been going for six weeks. New Zealand have won all eight of their games, while Australia won six, had one cancelled because of rain and lost one to New Zealand in Auckland. You should definitely mention how New Zealand won that game, people will think you’re not just a fan because we made the final.

Правила Крикета для Чайников:

There are 11 people on each team. When a team is batting, they have two guys on the pitch who try and hit the ball. The team fielding has all 11 players on the field trying to stop the ball.

The guy with the ball (the bowler) runs in and throws it at the guy with the wooden bat (the batter). This is called a ball. Once the bowler bowls six of these it is called an over and a new bowler bowls from the other end of the pitch. There are 50 overs in total.

Confused? Don’t worry too much about this, it’s mainly about how hard the guy with the wooden thing can smack the white ball.

The batter tries to hit the ball. If he hits it well, he runs to the other end, with the other batsman doing the same. This is called a run.

If the batter hits it really well, the batsmen can run more than once. If he hits it along the ground and it hits the triangular advertising thing around the outside of the field he gets four runs. If he hits it in the air into the crowd on the full he gets six runs. The team with the most runs from their 50 overs wins.

The wickets are the three wooden sticks at either end of the brown/beige dirt strip in the middle of the field (the pitch). If the bowler throws it and hits these, then the batsman is out and a new batsman comes in.

Чемпионат Мира по Крикету 2015 Австралия - Новая Зеландия

BATTER OUT: The Black Caps Martin Guptill gets run out during the Cricket World Cup semi final match. (See the bails

The batsman is also out if a fielder catches a ball he hit in the air. If 10 batsmen get out, then the batting team can no longer bat, even if they still had more overs to go.

Чемпионат Мира по Крикету 2015  Австралия

A batter is also out if a fielder catches the ball – as Mitchell Starc is trying to do here, in Australia’s semi-final match v. India.

Still confused? Well move on to the terminology section and learn some lines to bluff your way through it.

Терминология Крикета:

Cricketing terminology can be confusing and complicated if you don’t know what it means.

To start with, there are a lot of double meanings. A wicket is one of the wooden things they stick in the ground that the bowlers try to hit but can also mean when you get someone out (“Boult has taken the wicket of Warner”).

With that in mind, here are some common words and phrases (excluding the ones in the “how the game works” section), with examples of how you might like to use them to impress some of your cricket-loving chums.


Power play: Although Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott will probably be at the game, this has nothing to do with Australian politics. A power play in cricket means less of the fielding team are allowed outside that white painted circle near the pitch, making it easier for the batters to score runs.

The first 10 overs is a power play and only two people are allowed outside the white painted circle.

The batting team can then choose to call another power play for five overs. When they do that the umpire (the old man standing by the wickets) waves his arm in a windmill motion (there is no reason for this type of motion) and only three people are allowed outside the white painted circle for the next five overs.

Use it in a sentence: Batting power plays are normally taken after 35 overs, so about 33 overs into New Zealand’s batting innings say: “Boy, I hope we can make the most of our power play”.

Dot ball: The batsman scores zero runs off a ball.

Use it in a sentence: “A dot ball is a good ball.” This is a classic cricket cliche, which a cricket lover will appreciate but use it sparingly as there will be more than 200 dot balls in a game.

If the other team is scoring a lot of runs: “We need a few dot balls to build some pressure”.

Yorker: When the bowler bowls it and it lands at the feet of the batsman. It’s a good ball because it’s hard to hit it for a four or six.

Use it in a sentence: In the last 10 overs, if lots of sixes are being hit, shout at the bowler: “Bowl some yorkers you fool!”.

Bouncer: This is not the burly security guard on the edge of the field. This is when a bowler bowls the ball and it bounces really high, passing the batsman at head height.

Use it in a sentence: “We should try scare this batsman by bowling bouncers”.

Чемпионат Мира по Крикету 2015

BOUNDING BOUNCER: Pakistan’s Umar Akmal ducks under a bouncer off Australian bowler Mitchell Johnson during their quarter final match on March 20.

The death overs/at the death: The time from about overs 35-50, when the batsmen try to score lots of runs.

Use it in a sentence: “We need some good bowlers at the death” or “Our batsman are going to have to smash it at the death”.

Sledging: Does not involve going fast down a snowy hill. It is the process of hurling friendly insults at each other to try and throw the other person’s concentration. The Australians are the best (some would say worst) at it, but will often cross the line of decency.

Use it in a sentence: Probably just best to avoid this one…

Чемпионат Мира по Крикету 2015  Австралия

SLEDGING: Pakistan’s bowler Wahab Riaz, right, blows a kiss to Australian batsman Shane Watson after delivering another bouncer during their semi final match.


A knock: Another name for how many runs a batsman gets.

Use in a sentence: If Ross Taylor scores lots of runs: “That was a good knock”. If Ross Taylor scores very few runs: “That was a terrible knock”.

Ton/Century: When a batsman score 100 runs, which is a very significant milestone.

Use it in a sentence: “What a magnificent ton”.

Чемпионат Мира по Крикету 2015 Новая Зеландия

TON TIMES TWO: Martin Guptill celebrates his double century against the West Indies on March 21.

Up the run rate: The “run rate” is how many runs the batters score every over. You would want to up this, as the more runs you score the better.

Use it in a sentence: If the team is scoring only four runs per over: “We really need to up the run rate here”.

Collapse: When more than three of a team’s batsmen get out in quick succession.

Use it in a sentence: At the start of Australia’s innings: “I’m hoping for an Australian batting collapse”.

On side/off side: The different sides of the pitch, depending on if the batsman left-handed or right-handed. The off side is the side of the batsman’s body which the bat is on. The on side is the side of the batsman’s body where his bottom points.

Use it in a sentence: “Martin Guptill is smashing it through the off side.

There are many, many more terms that you might hear throughout the game.

Don’t try to guess what they mean, as you are likely to be way off.

Stick to these terms, use them a few times and impress all your cricket-loving spouses and friends.

 – Stuff  NZ

P.S. О, да! Постарайтесь не перепутать КРИКЕТ и КРОКЕТ! Это разные вещи  😉
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